Real-time watching on the map

What is real-time tracking anyway?🧐

In other words – you can see the exact route of your shipment on the map at all times ⬇️

But how is that possible? 🤔

by using our magical 🔮application ⬇️

What can I actually see on this map? 👀

✅ all your parcels and what exactly is happening with them:
🟣 registered for shipping
🟣 received in a branch
🟣 issued for delivery
🟣 collected by courier/driver
🟣 fell into a river
🟣 landed on Mars 🚀
🟣 delivered
🟣 returned
✅ warehouses
✅ vehicles ⬇️

But why do you need it?

✅ you save time because our automations do all the job for you ➡️ you set it once and it works 24/7
✅ it gives you more control over the entire shipping process
✅ you will always be up to date
✅ you will save the planet & reduce CO2 emissions ⬇️

and your clients…

✅ they will have real-time location of their packages on the map and will be informed with 5 minutes accuracy about the delivery time
✅ as a result, they will stop calling and bothering you 🤗
✅ namaste to all 🙏

Don’t be shy, check out what we’re up to ↙️