Precise delivery zones with Hublock

Do you feel like your drivers are chasing their own tails and slamming so many miles that you could apply for the position of Santa Claus?

With Hublock, you can become Santa Claus, but where and how much you want. With us without racking you can precisely:

  • designate pickup and delivery zones,
  • plan routes for your drivers,
  • keep an eye on exact delivery dates to your customers.

No child will get a gift twice, and no one’s gift won’t come to anyone until January!

With Hublock, you gain the ability to assign packages manually but also the ability to rely on artificial intelligence that:

  • will plan routes,
  • will manage the cargo space,
  • will allow you to calculate fuel costs,
  • will give you control over your drivers’ working time.

You will no longer have to keep track day and night of where the driver is and waste time controlling whether a particular driver’s route intersects with that of another. You won’t receive hundreds of calls from your customers: “when will he arrive?”, because you can see everything on the map.

In addition, both you and each customer will receive notifications when any driver even for a meter leaves his zone.

With Hublock, you have the ability to precisely match each shipment to a zone and driver. This, in turn, provides benefits to both sides of the supply chain: information, automation, and savings in fuel and driver time.

Who knows, maybe Santa Claus will also take an interest in Hublock?