This is a platform that gives you the entire control over couriers, drivers and detailed shipment management. You are the one in charge and we like it ๐Ÿ˜‡ .


Are you a freight / transport company?

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Do you work in e-commerce and desire more control?

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Do you have a bike, car, scooter or a drone?

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Do you have a transport company? Cool! We have a job for you.

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Why Hublock?

Manage resources

Control all information about cars, drivers, couriers, warehouses and subcontractors.

Design your automation

Save time by automating repetitive or annoying tasks.

Import shipments

Import shipments from a variety of systems via CSV or API.

Have a proper shipping list

Here you will find detailed information about the status of your shipments.

Manage tasks

This is your center of command and tasks assignments for the entire team.

Receive notifications

Along with your entire team and customers you will get text messages or emails about shipments.

Track in real-time on the map

We provide this kind of goodies for your pleasure only. You have 24h access to the map, where you can track all your shipments in real-time.

Save the planet

Youโ€™re switching to the eco friendly side of the force.

What are the cool people saying about us?

Joanna Bartoszek

Project Manager, MW Logistics

"The cooperation with Hublock turned out to be very successful. Thanks to the creativity and determination of the entire Hublock team, together we were able to develop a solution that streamlined the work of many departments within our company. Hublock allowed us to save not only the time, but also other resources such as human and financial. I would definitely recommend Hublock to all companies struggling with difficulties in their logistics operations."


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