Tuning up your TMS system with Hublock

Are you looking for innovation, or have the tools you use every day to manage your supply chain grown slightly old?

You know what a TMS (Transport Management System) is, but you’d like to have that power and:

  • see drivers on a map in real time
  • see shipments on a map, in real time,
  • see on the map, when something goes wrong?

That’s all Hublock can do! We give you our word! And, of course, you’ll get a special app for drivers from Hublock that will:

  • scan shipments;
  • add reports,
  • add pictures of damage to packages,
  • manage tasks.

And you can even sleep while Hublock takes care of your customers:

  • will send notifications and alerts to your customers
  • will accurately tell them their ETA (Estimated Arrival Time), or, to put it simply, every customer will know when exactly their courier will arrive.

With Hublock, you don’t have to change your entire delivery management system. Hublock will integrate with the API of your TMS and do the tuning for you. Believe us: There will be something to show off around town with!