“Without SAP to RPA technology”-how to automate logistics processes

The growth of e-commerce companies, online marketplaces and other digital solutions has led to a surge in global demand for logistics services. Companies that operate in this space need to automate their logistics processes as quickly as possible. This requires finding solutions that make optimal use of technology, without investing in expensive high-end software such as SAP. Fortunately, there is an alternative that achieves the same results with less investment – RPA Technology.

How can a logistics company, in cooperation with a startup, improve the quality of service to its customers and automate its supply chain in a few weeks without investing in expensive IT solutions? We will talk more about this at the IX International Trade Fair for Transport and Logistics Translogistica -Warsaw, EXPO XXI, 12/14 Prądzyńskiego St. . The lecture will be held on November 8 at 15:05 at the discussion forum in Hall 3 .

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