How Real Time Tracking can improve logistics

Despite the fact that modern technology has made it possible to track parcels in real time, the solution still isn’t widely spread among the industry. Introducing it will help improve B2B and B2C relations as well as optimize operations.

Real Time Tracking (RTT) utilizes GPS combined with logistics databases to determine the position of any package at any moment in time. Whenever a parcel is scanned, it gets assigned to a vehicle, which position is constantly monitored.

RTT is one of the core features of the Hublock platform. We’ve decided to put an emphasis on it because of the many advantages it brings for everyone involved in logistical processes.

If a delivery company knows the exact position of a parcel – large or small – as well as its destination and planned route, it can adjust plans for future dispatches and react instantly to changing circumstances. For example, if a package gets stuck in traffic or a vehicle needs to take a detour, the operator can be automatically alerted to this fact and rearrange other deliveries (or at least warn the drivers to avoid the problematic stretch). In the long run, RTT will improve the overall performance of companies.

On the other hand, whenever a customer contacts a hotline, the operator can check the exact location of their parcel, and if there’s a delay – determine the reason for it. Providing clients with such precise and instant information is invaluable in building relations and image.

Senders and recipients themselves will be able to track parcels in real time without bothering the customer service, which should unburden the department and improve its performance. At the same time, increased transparency will be crucial for ensuring the client’s satisfaction. Frustrating situations, where the client is left in the dark with no updates about a delayed package, can now be completely done away with.

RTT will prove useful also in case of disputes. The moment of and reason for a delay will be instantly known, so it will be easier to determine if the delivery person or company is the one to blame.

Couriers themselves will be able to receive and send information about traffic and alert other drivers as well as react instantly to the absence of the recipient. The person expecting a delivery will be automatically informed about the approaching courier, and if they’re not at home, they can let the driver know of this fact and request a PoD or other type of delivery.

Finally, the Hublock RTT solutions will allow for monitoring the conditions of transport, such as the current temperature of cargo.

There are plenty of advantages to RTT, but the biggest one is perhaps the simplicity of its implementation. Considering that most couriers use a GPS module and a parcel scanner anyway, it’s only the matter of establishing a connection with Hublock – a platform that can be used either as a separate tool or as a widget for existing systems.