1. Hublock – what is it?

Hublock is a friendly application that allows you to control and manage your supply chain. With Hublock you get access to a map where you can see all your logistic actions in one place: packages, cars, warehouses and recipients.

You can track your shipments in real time and determine delivery time with an accuracy of 5 minutes.

On our map you can immediately see if something is „wrong”. Our application changes colors – for example, if there is a problem with a package, it is immediately highlighted in red. 

Hublock is also a mobile app (for Android and iOS) for your drivers. It calculates the best route and predicts traffic difficulties. Hublock app has also a built-in parcel scanner.

With Hublock, you can automate all the repetitive and frustrating tasks – such as assigning drivers to parcels. With Hublock you can create your own automations yourself, and without any knowledge of computer science or programming!

Our  automations perform tasks for you and can also send alerts, notifications and text messages to drivers, warehouses or customers – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

With Hublock, you get rid of tables, piles of paperwork, and constantly ringing phones asking to find a driver or a shipment. With Hublock you’re simply in control!

2. What can I get from Hublock?

We created Hublock to liberate the world from the evil powers of Excel tables and give a nice, friendly, transparent application for all participants of the supply chain.

It will free you from the chore of calling clients searching for the drivers or their shipments. So what does Hublock give you? – Free time, peace of mind and transparency. Hublock is also very eco-friendly….

3. What does the Hublock implementation give to my customers?

Your customers will gain, first and foremost, peace of mind. They will know exactly where their shipment is and what time it will arrive. The information is so accurate that the courier won’t catch them in the shower because the parcel arrives 30 minutes early. The customer will be able to plan their work and the work of their contractors, who will henceforth no longer have to wait for the courier at unknown hours.

4. How much does Hublock cost?

Registration in the application is free. Also free is a two-week period of using the full Hublock powers. After that time, we invite you to talk to us. We price the monthly subscription individually, for each client. We have customers who pay 50 EUR per month for the subscription, we also have those who pay 500 EUR. During the pricing process, we take into account the functionalities the customer needs, the number of countries the customer is operating in, the number of parcels transported, etc.

If you would like to find out more about the price list – write to us!

5. Can I try Hublock for free?

Yes, Hublock offers a 2-week free trial to all interested parties. During your trial you can enter or import (our implementation team will help you with this) your shipment data, build your automations and enjoy the full power of Hublock. After 2 weeks, you’ll either fall in love with Hublock for the rest of your life or you can delete your data and… we hope you’ll think twice and fall for us after all…

6. How long does it take to implement Hublock?

We tell everyone that Hublock implementing takes 10 minutes. 

And it really does. But our implementation team knows that sometimes you need a little more time to make some things clearer and simpler, so they are there to help and respond to your needs, to teach you, to wipe your tears when it’s hard and something seems difficult, and to enjoy with you the first map on which everything is laughing before your eyes.

7. How many drivers can I register?

As many as your heart desires 😉

8. What’s the difference between Hublock Pro and Hublock Lite?

This is what we are working on right now. We are creating it for you!

9. Can I upgrade from Hublock Lite to Hublock Pro at any time?

We are working on that right now. We’re creating it for you!

10. Does Hublock have a messenger for drivers to keep them in touch with you and customers?

At the moment Hublock doesn’t have a messenger built in, because we’ve come to the conclusion that it can distract drivers during the rides. And Hublock wants to care about driver safety… 

But every person, creating a task for the driver, can add an instruction. Every driver can see this instruction when accepting a task.

Hublock also has a secret communication weapon: automations that can send alerts, text messages or emails for you. Can you imagine a situation: you are on holiday: sitting on the beach under palm trees or climbing a mountain peak, while your robots do all the work for you? Yes – it is possible, precisely with Hublock.

11. How exactly can Hublock determine the delivery time?

Hublock determines the delivery time to the customer with an accuracy of 5 minutes. And each customer can watch the driver and route progress on a map, in real time.

12. Do my drivers need to have GPS in the car?

No, drivers are not required to have GPS in their car. All they need to enjoy the power of Hublock is a mobile phone (with Android or iOs), a downloaded app.

13. Do we get shipment scanners and warehouse terminals with the Hublock?

There are no parcel scanners in the Hublock deployment package, because with Hublock you can use your phone to scan.

There are no warehouse terminals either.

However, using the experience of our logistics specialists, we can advise you on what equipment to buy.

14. I work with many partners – I don’t know how to get them to use Hublock?

If you want – we’d be happy to help you prepare for the call. Of course, we can also talk with you to your business partners and introduce them to our product.

15. What is the scale of Hublock implementation in Europe at the moment?

Hublock customers’ drivers drive all over continental Europe and in the UK and Ireland. Along with one of its largest customers, Hublock is now gearing up for Scandinavia.

It’s also worth mentioning that the drivers, using Hublock, drive not only on motorways, but also in the wilderness 🙂 And with Hublock you can see them all on your radar.

16. How much time will I save by using Hublock?

If we wanted to answer this question in one word, the answer would be: „a lot”.

Hublock will simply automate the activities you repeat.

You will save, among other things, time for:

  • entering information into the system,
  • phone calls,
  • communication between drivers,
  • searching for drivers,
  • assigning shipments to drivers,
  • reporting of damage to shipments during transport,
  • communication with customers,
  • to locate shipments,
  • determining the delivery time for each individual customer.

Now try to add up how much time these activities take you every day and you will get the answer to your question 🙂

16. Do I need IT knowledge to use Hublock?

Hublock was created by logistic and IT giants. Along with building a fast moving application for transport and logistics, they set themselves an additional task – to arrange everything in such a way that the application can be used by people with no IT experience. And they succeeded! Not only you don’t need to know anything about IT, but you also don’t need an IT department to make Hublock work in your company.

The application is so user-friendly that you yourself, by moving simple icons on the screen, can even create your own automations.

Of course, we are for you all the time. We will teach you how to use the application step by step!

17. Is Hublock only for the logistics industry?

Hublock knows no boundaries 🙂 It’s a great tool for the logistics industry, but it will come in handy wherever we transport something. It can be a great tool for e-commerce and for example for bicycle courier companies.

18. Does Hublock integrate with SAP?

Hublock doesn’t integrate with SAP on the fly. But „our customer is our master”, so Hublock with SAP can integrate on request or on its own using hublock API.

19. Is there an API available?

Yes, Hublock comes with an API.

20. What devices can the mobile app be used on?

Hublock laughs on Android and on iOS.

21. Is there a free trial period available?

Yes, you can register on our website and enjoy the full Hublock power for free for a fortnight.Go to www.hublock.io and enter your email in the „Start your free trial” box

22. Can I extend the free trial time?

Hublock does not offer this option on its website, but … with Hublock anything is possible! Just let us know!

23. Can I use the Hublock app as a navigation?

No, Hublock does not replace your car navigation, but just click on an address in our app and it will redirect you to the navigation system you use every day.

24. Can the app be used in a warehouse?

Hublock is not a warehouse app, but it makes the work of warehouse workers who receive and issue packages to drivers easier. Hublock is also working by the sweat of its brow on an allocation for the warehouseman. This solution will be available in Q2 of this year (2022) 🙂

25. Do I have to pay the subscription for a year in advance?

No, you do not have to. Subscription fees are paid monthly.

26. Can I invite my employees to the application?

Of course, you can invite your drivers, warehouse workers, and even your fleet partners and customers. 

27. Does Hublock manage tasks?

Hublock gives you full control over your logistics processes and the supply chain: from sending the package, to assigning it to drivers, tracking in the real time on the map, delivering parcels to and from the warehouse, to delivery with the time given with 5-minute accuracy.

If a package is damaged in transit – the driver can add photos and comments directly to the app. Hublock also gives you space to add precise information if for some reason delivery becomes impossible on a particular day.

Hublock can do more – you can not only manage tasks, but automate them too. Did you know that Hublock can even assign drivers to shipments on its own?

And all of this in an eco-friendly design, without tons of paper and post-its piling up on your desk!

Hublock has many more advantages – we’ll be happy to tell you about them.

28. Can I integrate Hublock with TMS?

Hublock can be integrated with a TMS as long as your TMS is friendly and allows for it 🙂

29. Is Hublock a freight exchange platform?

No, Hublock is not a transport exchange platform. You can’t search for freight to be transported.

Instead, Hublock has a lot of other advantages, thanks to which you will save on your and your employees’ working time. With Hublock, you’ll be able to scrape up extra hours that you can devote to finding new loads and expanding your business.

On top of that, with Hublock you’ll have full information on how much space you can still fill in your vehicles, and such data is highly desirable on freight exchanges platforms.

30. Does Hublock use blockchain?

No, Hublock does not use blockchain.

31. In what form is user support provided?

Hublock wspiera swoich użytkowników o każdej porze dnia i nocy. Jako bardzo dobrze zorganizowany anioł stróż, wyposażony w najnowsze technologie, używa do opieki maili, telefonów, spotkań video.

Hublock supports its users at any time of the day or night. As a very well organised guardian angel, equipped with the latest technology, it uses emails, phone calls, and video meetings.

If necessary, Hublock Angels also fly to our customers directly.