How Will Logistics Automation Affect a Consumer in the coming months?

The beginning of the New Year and the new decade at the same time give an excellent opportunity for business [...]

5 Ways to Slash Costs and Save Time in Your Logistics Business

Are you struggling to find a way to accelerate your logistics company? Still looking for a solution to reduce costs [...]

Unconventional delivery methods can save time, money and environment

The delivery man knocks on your door but you’re not at home. You missed the parcel, the courier wasted time. [...]

New payments for the logistics industry lower risks and encourage competition

One of the challenges faced by the logistics industry relates to the fairness of settling of accounts. If the sender [...]

How Real Time Tracking can improve logistics

Despite the fact that modern technology has made it possible to track parcels in real time, the solution still isn’t [...]

How Data-Sharing Technology Can Skyrocket Logistics

Over 140 billion dollars is currently blocked because of conflicts and lawsuits in the logistics industry. Absurd bureaucracy, tons of [...]

Hublock joins BiTA (Blockchain in Transport Alliance)

Hublock, a software solution based on data-sharing layer today announced it has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), an [...]

How To Make IT Solutions Talk To Each Other

Next day delivery and same day delivery – this is what retailers demand from their logistics providers, mostly in B2C [...]

How To Rescue Logistics From Old and Inefficient Tools

Organizing transport with spreadsheets, sending faxes, and drowning in tons of printed documents. That’s not recalling the 90’s, but describing [...]

How to Find a Logistics Partner With Blockchain Technology – Mark’s Story

Crossfit sessions, night rollerskating, or even downhill cycling – Mark tried pretty much everything to blow off his steam. Ever [...]
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